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We both know that college is not "Hogwarts Express"-you do not roam around the track with a specific destination (magic lock or no) ..

You may have objectives related to your experience in college:

  • You'd like to finish and find out.
  • You might want to.
  • You'd also like a graduate.Welcome to Info Geek College.
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    Hey, you. Let' s Shake it up at the College ...You have ambition and ambition. So where are you going from here?Welcome to Info Geek College. This blog is about help in the build.

    This bitching size, the usual, boring content has already been written hundreds of times on other blogs. I'm not interested in this ...

    This blog is all about.

    Here at Info Geek College, you'll find it.

    Hack of learning and smarter ...

    Typical research strategies and recommendations do not work as well as they should, and you can do better ...

    You'll find out.

    If you have never heard of the Pareto principle, repeat the repetition, or the receiver Pomodoro, prepare to learn the tactics of mint work ...

    You will also find articles that are in depth on the way.

    You will get all the jobs you want ...

    Most students do not know what they want to do-and those who often do not know how to transfer their skills to recruiters and find work that has a value for them ..

    You'll learn to fix both these problems, build them.

    Building a personal brand means finding your "sweet spot"-intersection of your skills, your passions and what you can do to help others. It also means

    You will learn all the nuts and bolts of your brand's building right here-to find your sweet spot, establish an effective online presence, how to work in the network and build connections.

    Pay up debts and keep more doll bills at the bank ...

    I know a guy who has to pay almost.It's not atypical. The average debt burden of students is now near.

    Many students will spend decades after college put their dreams of retention and residence at a much lower level than expected, all because they have to pay the debts ...

     Now I'm completely free, and now that I'm done, I have.

    That $350 /month I have to pay on loans is now automatically invested in the general fund every month ..

    I'm not a freak of nature -- that's what you can do. You will learn strategies for increasing revenues, reducing costs, and. Want to impress your teacher? Choose our company and become the best student in the class.

    In addition to these three aspects, you will also learn about other topics related to.

    What people say about the College of Info-Jack ...

    " Everybody, look what Thomas is doing at the college Info Geek. He's great at the site.

    " I just have to say that of all the people I've met in my life, Thomas Frank is one of the most impressive. When I was his age (don't take it one way or another), I felt his ambition, ambition, and passion. He is a brilliant, worldman, and master of his craft."Man, I'd like to know about the Info Huck College years ago."-

    "College Info Geek crooks is a super educational, useful and inspiring one in a relaxing, not a sappy form."

    " As a longstanding reader of Info Geek College, I came back to the incredible professional advice again. You can say that there are many places on the Internet that give "professional advice," but the way it is delivered here in CIG is what makes it so unique and easy to use and understand. "-.

    Tom knows how to think outside the box, he gets it. He understands that it is necessary to understand the following. ""Copper's good work."

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    Just who are you, man?In my opinion, I had a pretty good time in college. My passion helps other students do the same thing (and I hope at least one of you will come out to get me out of the water!) ..

    I started the Info Geek College in the summer of 2010, working as an assistant at my school. Since then it has become one of the most visited blogs on the Internet, visited more than 135,000 people every month ...

    My own college experience outside this blog was amazing. I met an amazing group of friends, traveled to Japan on whim, worked for "RA", paid almost $15,000 in student debt while still being a student, and did a lot of other things ...

    According to the name of the site, I am a massive geek, and the IMHO, the hoofs, which knows where his towel is. I love comics, anime, video games, and books with passion. I'm also addicted to traveling ...

    I hope you find this site useful for you! Not shy at any time